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Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 12 , Sayı 1

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Managerial perception of education in the educational non-governmental organizations

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Kirikkale University1
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The aim of this research is to determine the educational NGO managers' perceptions of education in the city of Kırıkkale. The sample of this qualitative research, which has been conducted on a case pattern basis, comprises managers from 13 educational non-governmental organizations in the province of Kirikkale. Data were collected by the researcher himself through direct contact and interview with the participants. The interview form was developed based on the opinions from experts in the field. The concordance between the sentential codifications was checked by an independent observer and the researcher in order to ensure data reliability. The coefficient of concordance between the observers was calculated as .87 for the sociopolitical perceptions dimension of education and .90 for the perceptions regarding the position and importance of the organizations, which were included in the present research, in the system. Participant confirmation method was used for the validity of the data. Some remarkable results of the research are as follows: The participants  failed to relate the aims of educational organizations to the general public,  basically engaged in aid-oriented activities,  expected aid from the government,  tended to look at education and its problems from an economic viewpoint,  neglected the philosophical and scientific dimensions of the problem, and  made individual assessments with no relevance to the social context.

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