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Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Yıl 2004 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 4

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Gis education in turkey:gis education under the institute of natural and applied sciences of anadolu university and online education proposal for international world campus

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Anadolu University1, Eskisehir Tepebasi Municipality2
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Today, developed countries’ wealth depends on the information they have. However, it is not adequate only to own this information. It is also important to manage it correctly and orderly. Most of the information contains spatial data and this feature can be used while making analysis. Consequently, the information can be analytically analysed. Analytical analysis provides faster and more accurate interpretations (Cabuk et. al. 2004). Converting the data to information, evaluating the information and making analysis using this information, which is the basis of the scientific and engineering studies, are made in different environments depending on the today’s rapidly developing technologies. For the purposeful evaluation of the information, which is obtained as a result of the data evaluation after the necessary scientific processes, it is important to save the information in a form and an environment where authorised users can access and use it collectively. Besides, when required, the necessary information must be rapidly accessible and interpretable to the users. Considering the opportunities that technological developments provide us, it appears to be an inevitable requirement to digitally store the obtained information. Most of the data applied today also contains geographical coordinates. As a result, the location of the data on earth is known. The information coming out in various formats such as text, drawing, picture, photograph, audio, animation and video records, is ready to serve the users with the help of a designed database. Knowing the information with its location as well, will help interpreting the other related elements and the interaction between them by evaluating according to their features.

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