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Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 12 , Sayı 2

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An inquiry into benefits of reflective practice in open and distance learning

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International Islamic University1, Allama Iqbal Open University2
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Innovations in learning with conscious thinking result in conceptual and effective learning. New strategies and techniques of learning aim at bringing about change in behavior that might help in solving problems of the individual at local and global level. This paper inquires into benefits of Reflective Practice in Open and Distance Learning in Pakistan. A questionnaire was administered among 40 students doing masters in Education, autumn 2009, at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. Collected data were analyzed by calculating percentage and Mean scores of each item. An interview was conducted to validate the quantitative data. Findings showed that Reflective Practice helped learner in solving their learning problems and learners were able to cope with problems with their conscious effort. The respondents were agreed that consultation with friends and discussion with senior colleagues benefited them in solving problems involved in their learning. The respondents acceded that counseling for selection of subjects and institution, their past experiences and self-reports were useful in teaching-learning process and solving their learning problems. The respondents were of the opinion that reflective practice helps in solving learning problems and in bringing improvement in their behavior. The findings also indicated that lack of counseling, time and resources caused problems in becoming reflective and committed person. Keeping the findings in view, it is recommended that reflective practice might be promoted among students with the help of counselors, teachers, senior students, books and journals. Extensive counseling be provided to students at postgraduate level and curricula should be made innovative.

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