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Turkish Journal of Teacher Education

Yıl 2012 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 1

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Research on the function of the motor autobiography as a self-assessment methodology for future teachers of the italian kindergarten and primary school

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With the Decree No 249 of 10 September 2010, on the "Definition of the requirements and procedures of the initial training of kindergarten and primary school teachers", the Italian Ministry of University and Research has effectively revised aims and purposes of a degree course which aims at qualifying and enhancing the teaching function through the acquisition of educational, psycho-pedagogical, methodological - didactic, organizational and social skills necessary to make the students reach the learning outcomes provided by the current regulations. Among the areas indicated by the Italian Ministry of Education, there is a renewed interest in the motor-sports area with particular attention to the role played by the teaching of the movement. It is stressed the importance that future kindergarten and primary school teachers have a strong knowledge and skills in the motor-teaching field, to be able to structure suitable curricular and extracurricular paths and to educate through the body and movement since the early years of school. The results of the data analysis is coherent with the theoretical framework outlined above, which gives the teaching of the movement an important role in the university training of nursery and primary school future teachers opening further and necessary research perspective

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