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The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies (JASSS)

Yıl 2012 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 8

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Rehber öğretmenlerin öğretmenlik uygulamasi dersine ilişkin görüşleri

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Teaching practice in class teacher training syllabus of the institution has an important place. This application, approximately 3.5 years of education experience at the end of the occupation of teacher assigned to the candidate's experience, quality is the first step. Application guide teachers in schools with teachers and the relationship between candidates for the future of the teaching profession is very important. The aim of our study guide for teachers to identify the problems they encountered during implementation and application can be made more efficient way to get their suggestions and opinions. To this end the school year 2008-2009 in Bursa province, Bursa National Education Directorate who worked in schools depends on the teacher's views were 163 contacts. The data were collected by a questionnaire. For this purpose, a questionnaire consisting of 20 losed-ended Likert-type questions was developed and implemented. The data obtained from the application of the questionnaire were assessed by statistical program SPSS for Windows 17 frequency (f) and percentage (%) distributions were used for descriptive analysis of the data. Directory of teachers opinion, teachers of candidates, the KPSS test anxiety negatively affects their motivation and the teacher is not motivated enough to have indicated. Deterioration in the construction of the Faculties of Education, instead of development has created an ambiguity. Whereas meaning of education faculties are different from other faculties. If the functioning of the institution to train teachers, programs, way of receipt student and resources not enough the development and future of the country is being done wrong. In general, the number of criticisms were collected at the point that teaching formation courses and qualifications are not given enough professional spirit and excitement.

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Öğretmenlik uygulaması dersi öğretmen yetiştiren kurumların ders programlarında

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