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The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies (JASSS)

Yıl 2012 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 4

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Investigation of effects of computer anxiety and internet attitudes on computer self-efficacy

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During  the  use  of  computers  in  education  or  in  computer  based  programs  one  must  have information  regarding  the  state  of  learners’  affective  behaviors.  Learners’  attitudes  and  perceptions towards  new  technologies  are  quite effective  on  their  learning  levels.  In  this  research,  effects  of computer  anxiety and  internet  attitude  on  computer  self-efficacy  were  investigated.  According  to the research  findings,  computer  anxiety  has  a  strong  influence  on  internet attitudes.  Moreover,  it  was concluded that internet attitude affected computer self efficacy. On the other hand, a significant relation between  computer  anxiety  and computer  self-efficacy  could  not  be  determined.   Based  on  these findings, we may suggest that by keeping computer anxiety under control, we may be able to positively develop  learners’  internet  attitudes.  We  may  further  suggest  that  students  who  have  positive  internet attitude also have relatively enhanced computer self-efficacy.

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