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The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies (JASSS)

Yıl 2012 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 8

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Alexandre vallaury’nin karaköy’deki eserleri

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Atatürk Üniversitesi Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi1
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Alexandre Vallaury of French origin, unlike other foreign architects, along with western architecture, ottoman architecture well knew. For this reason, his designs are a synthesis of western and eastern architecture. His particular environments, including beyoglu and galata, ıstanbul's many neighborhood mosque, fountain, hotel, mansion, palace pavilion is a work of virtually every kind. 1895 vallaury next designs of ottoman architecture, in particular the effects of the turkish residential architecture being detected. Many works in ıstanbul was built in the style of western vallaury structures, ındustry school of fine arts, the archaeological museum, the directorate general of the ottoman bank, cercle d'orient, pera palas, vallaury house, union française, décugis house, Karakoy the banque de change and omar abed khan. Western-style civil architecture samples of Vallaury Alexandre around Karakoy, facade decoration is given a great importance, especially in facing the main street facades are processed with utmost care, the most spectacular facades of buildings brought into attention. Represented by the Ottoman Bank Headquarters Building, neo-classical stylistic examples of rustic masonry on the lower floors, with horizontal straight line fringes formed by the intersection of the vertical Corinthian plasters or ion-titled symmetrical facade with windows in a triangular layout and architecture of the Renaissance and the source can be seen in the ancient Greek regulations and Roman architecture facade formed by the elements bring to mind.

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Fransız kökenli Alexandre Vallaury, diğer yabancı mimarların aksine, Batı mimarlığı

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