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Geological Characteristics of the Prusačka River Catchment Area in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Geological Characteristics of the Prusačka River Catchment Area in Bosnia and Herzegovina
M. Operta,S. Pamuk,S. Hyseni,S. Salihović,K. Kurteshi,B. Durmishaj
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Territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized by complex geological structure and heterogeneous flora and fauna, what also characterize the city of Prusac and the environment. The region of Prusac lies in the central Bosnia, southwest of Donji Vakuf. Field access is possible from the direction of Donji Vakuf, and then by the road along the Prusačka River. The paper presents geomorphologic, geological, hydro geological, engineering-geological and seismological characteristics of the terrain in the Prusačka River catchment area. According to published data, this area has been poorly researched and is rich in occurrences and deposits of various minerals, some of which are used as technical-building stone. The aim of this paper is to present basic engineeringgeological conditions and the possibility of constructing hydraulic structures that enable better building design and subsequent construction in accordance with the legal norms that regulate this matter. This paper presents data on the geological composition, thickness of proluvial and alluvial sediment, surface cover, especially debris eluvial clay blanket, and information about the state of rock mass that are essential for defining the basic conditions for defining basic engineering-geological conditions for building these objects

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M. Operta
S. Pamuk
S. Hyseni
S. Salihović
K. Kurteshi
B. Durmishaj