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Pollution of the Toplluha River from Human and Industrial Activity in the Town of Suhareka
Pollution of the Toplluha River from Human and Industrial Activity in the Town of Suhareka
I Shehu,S Demaku,H Bytyqi,A Malsiu,D Musliu,A Behrami
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In this work, we have determinate the physical and chemical parameters that influenced in the quality of the water from the river Toplluha .Based on experimental results we have concluded that waters of river Toplluha are polluted in all aspects. The water from the Toplluha river polluted by organic and inorganic species.. During the experimental work we found high values of BOD5, COD, detergents which result from use in household but also the TOC, especially along the river at sample points through the town of Suva Reka, which have affected the water on the river by discharge of the waste waters. The greater extend of the pollution is linked with several factories that operate in the city and discharge their waste water into the river without any prior treatment. Also, a big impact comes from agricultural soils in which there is a greater use of fertilizers, which increase the concentration of nitrates, nitrites and other forms of nitrogen but also phosphates. Problem is that in the waters of the river Toplluha are found high value of concentration were the values in some sample point are in ranges up to 0,114 mg / dm3. This high amount of lead concentration may occur as a result of mineral soil layers than from a human activity in these sampling points. However, it remains the responsibility of institutions to monitor these waters

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