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Metalogeny Analyzes of Mineral Deposits “Dushkaja”- Kosovo
Metalogeny Analyzes of Mineral Deposits “Dushkaja”- Kosovo
A Koliqi
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Mineral deposit “Dushkaja” present Nicel-Iron laterites product of weathering crust coverage primary type formed up serpentenites. Ore deposit Dushkaja is located in Dobroshec peridotite massif area of village Cikatova e Vjeter of Drenas region, territory of Kosovo. Metalogeny model studies have determined vertical zonality in weathering crust of ore deposit “Dushkaja” which are separate zones with geochemical characteristics.Ore body full comply with the extension of serpentinite which in the north dives under Pliocene sediments.The average thickness ore body is 10 m with average composition of nickel 1,47%. The weathering crust was formed during Lower Cretacus until Neogene. The paper aims thanks of metalogeny analyse to clarify and define the main geology conditions nickel ore forming deposits in time and space in the territory of Kosovo and defining criteria for research and finding of new metalogeny units with iron-nickel ore

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