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Yıl 2012 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 3

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Analysis of the offensive process of the portuguese futsal team

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Institution: Secretaria de Educação Básica do Estado do Ceará1
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The aim of this study was analyze the offensive actions of the Portuguese futsal team which resulted in finalization to the opposing goalpost, compare the actions which were being used, according to its origin, and verify which are the results obtained from these actions. Three games were analyzed during the tournament selection for the European Futsal Championship in 2010. Spreadsheets were used as data collection instrument, and the applied method was descriptive observational analysis. The Portuguese team carried out a total of 167 finalizations; 95 finalizations (56.89%) were originated from the organized game (OG) actions, 29 finalizations (17.36%) were from counterattack actions (CA) and 43 finalizations (25.75%) were from Stopped Ball (SB) actions. Analyzing the obtained results in these actions, 13 finalizations (7.78%) resulted in scored goals, 4 finalizations (2.20%) resulted in balls on crossbar, 55 finalizations (32.94%) were defended by the opponent goalkeeper, 56 finalizations (33.53%) were intercepted by the opponent player and 39 finalizations (23.35%) went outside the sideline. Regarding to the importance of each offensive action in the total number of goals (13), 2 of them were scored (15.39%) in the OG actions, 5 goals (38.46%) in CA actions and 6 goals (46.15%) in SB actions. Portugal has finalized much through OG actions (56.89%), however it has a low effectiveness. 46.15% of goals were scored through SB, it makes sure that this move is an important offensive action and should be explored.

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