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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 2

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The work of art and “intellect - action – knowledge” triology

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Eastern Mediterranean University1
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Circulation of information produced by art as a consumable in the society has always been difficult for all times. Since art has developed an understanding beyond commonalities and general out-passes of values has always had the problem of dealing with and obedience with pre-inured values. Transformation, change and differentiation require new information. Artists who convert each new information to the energy of progress and thus enhance the emergence for art as an autonomous sense discipline, simultaneously by differentiating the knowledge art from knowledge for science, created a different ideological autonomy in human life. Change in lifestyles at different times has always led to changes in the phenomenological perception of the work of art; simultaneously the appetite put forth by the art has opened new horizons numerous sociological progress models. As the artist pushes the possibilities of reaching the knowledge in his occupation in the school of thought he established or inherited; it is inevitable that above all he struggles with his own emptiness. Emergence of knowledge as a result of questioning the reality through the intellect the sine qua non material of information starts with scholastic philosophy and takes it place in the history together with humanism which gave birth to Renaissance. Art and knowledge relationship which I will take into consideration as "The Work of Art and Intellect – Action - Knowledge Trilogy" does not consider the phenomenological relationship that comes from the work of art but also questions the subjective position of the artist towards being seen and show.

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