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Mevlana International Journal of Education

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 1

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Support services within inclusive education in gauteng: the necessity and efficiency of support

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Department of Further Teacher Education The University of South Africa1, The Research Support Directorate The University of South Africa2, Damelin Management School3
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South Africa became a democratic country when the new Constitution advocating equal human rights for all citizens was signed. This was followed by the signing of section 24, after which the public school system undertook to take care of the dispensation of equal opportunities for all learners through inclusive education. In the context of the South African public primary school system, this article addresses the question of whether the support systems are functioning adequately and efficiently in public primary schools to provide the necessary support. The research methodology of the study was based on a self-administered questionnaire highlighting the most frequently occurring barriers to learning; the role, accessibility and type of specialised help available to public schools as well as the assistance rendered by the institutional and district support teams. The article presents a brief account of the history that gave rise to inclusive education and provides a review of the literature review on barriers to learning as well as education support systems. The most striking findings in the research includes overcrowded classrooms. The commonest barrier to learning is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ( DSM- V) and emotional barriers that can be directly linked with family problems. While institutional-level support teams are functioning effectively, this is not the case with district support teams. Special schools and resource centres are not being fully utilised by Gauteng public primary schools. The inclusive education policy at public primary schools needs to be revised in order to accommodate learners with barriers to learning. Observations have shown that most public primary schools in Gauteng are on a gradual path towards the implementation of inclusive education assisted by support systems.

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