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Manuscripts to be submitted to IOJPE must be in English or Turkish languages. Manuscripts to be submitted in Turkish must include an extended English abstract comprising of 750-1000 words following the 'References' section. The extended English abstract must be written in "Times New Roman" font, size 12. This abstract must not include subheadings (for example, Introduction); it must be written as a single column; it must not exceed the specified length.

Manuscripts must be formatted to fit an A4 page (custom size: 19.5 x 27.5 mm). The manuscript text must be written in the form of a single column as plain text. While preparing the page setup, there must be 2.5 cm margin from top and right and 2.5 cm margin from bottom and left.

The manuscript must be written in "Times New Roman"; font size 12; justified; 1,5 line spacing in Microsoft Word. Tables must be prepared in font size 10.

The main manuscript must not exceed 12 pages, excluding the extended abstract. The extended abstract will also be evaluated when considering whether or not the guidance relating to the word-limit has been followed.

I. Title

The title of the article must be written in font size 12. The title should be in uppercase and must be centered. The title must be short and relevant to the topic. The title must not exceed 12 words in the language in which the manuscript is published.

For manuscripts written in Turkish, the Turkish title must be given first, followed by the English title.

The Exposed name of the author(s) must be given in lowercase, and surnames must be given in uppercase; Author names must be centered on the page.

Titles and work places of author(s) and, if any, the email address and name of the university, laboratory or institution where the research was conducted, must be marked (*) and mentioned in a footnote on the title page.

II. Abstract

Each manuscript must be preceded by an abstract written in Turkish and English. If the language of the manuscript is Turkish, "Özet" must come first, and if the language of the article is English, "Abstract" must come first.

The abstract must be written in font size 10 and the text should be justified. The abstract must not exceed 150 words.

Immediately after the abstract, provide a minimum of 3 keywords. Keywords must be in lower case and should be written in Turkish and English (and also the native language).

III. Chapters and Subchapters

Chapter titles must be written in bold uppercase, and subchapter titles must be written in bold lowercase. Main chapters must be numbered successively as INTRODUCTION, METHOD, FINDINGS, DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION, REFERENCES and EXTENDED ABSTRACT.

IV. Figures

Diagrams and graphics must be drawn in such a way that they can be printed on white paper. The maximum size for illustrations is 13 x 18 centimeters. Each figure must have a number and subtitle. If any source was used, it must be stated in parenthesis below the figure.
Figures must indented 3cm from the left text margin, should be placed appropriately within the text and should have no text to the left or right. Pictures that do not fit into the end of a page must be placed on the following page or should be included after the References, as an APPENDIX

V. Tables

Tables must be given in accordance with APA 5 (American Psychological Association) standards. The table caption and table number must be given above the table (right aligned). The content of the table must be expressed in the title, next to the table number. The first letter of each word in the table caption must be in uppercase. Nothing must be written to the left or right side of tables.
Tables must be formed using the "Table" menu in Microsoft Word. Table contents must be written in font size 10 and must be arranged in such a way that no space is left before or after the lines.
Lines used in the tables must be 1, 5 pt at most and there must be no line between rows and columns except for in categorizations on row and column headings.

VI. References

References must be given in accordance with APA 5 (American Psychological Association) standards. Detailed information on reference style can be found at: