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Evaluation of Tear Fluid and Ocular Dominance in Patients with Refractive Error
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Öz Tear fluid has a critical role for the function of the refraction index of the light and the quality of the image. The purpose of this study is to compare tear fluid and ocular dominance in patients with refractive errors. One hundred three patients with mean age of 35.63±14.95 who was referred to ophthalmology service for refraction examination were enrolled to the study. The handedness and ocular dominance were determined by the Edinburgh hand preference questionnaire and other tests. Visual acuity was tested by ophthalmological methods and Schirmer test was administered in patients.Our study was included seventy-three female and thirty male patients. Right hand-dominance was found as 94.1% and right eye dominance as 66.0%. Myopia was higher in both right (-0.74±1.16D) and left eye (-0.68±1.01D) dominance. There were statically negative correlation between hypermetropia degree and tear volume in the left eye (p= 0.015; r = -0.240) there is a negative non-statically correlation for the right eye (p=0.060; r= -0.186). There was no correlation either between the myopia degree and tear fluid, eye dominance, tear fluid. The existence of a negative correlation between the amounts of hypermetropia with tear fluid, suggesting that the evaluation of tear fluid should be considered in clinical significance. 

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Ocular dominance, tear fluid
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