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Kadın / Woman 2000

Yıl 2007 , Cilt 8 , Sayı 2

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Constraints on female entrepreneurship in northern cyprus

Yazar kurumları :
Lefke Avrupa Üniversitesi1, Charles Sturt Üniversitesi2
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Cultural and social norms play an important part in the nascent entrepreneur's initial analysis of deciding on which business sector and business type they would like to create. North Cyprus has a unique patriarchal culture where gender segregation is still a part of modern life, yet outwardly the culture appears to be like any other European nation. The main purpose of the research study was to identify if female entrepreneurs in the region have reduced business sector choices within the patriarchal society. This is the first time that entrepreneurship research of this kind has been undertaken in Cyprus. A mixed methodology was chosen to capture data, as it was essential to understand the variety of female entrepreneurship in North Cyprus, as well as understanding some of the female entrepreneurs’ problems in depth. A questionnaire was administered to one thousand entrepreneurs, using the block sampling with the drop and collect methodology, which reveals the variety and magnitude of entrepreneurship, both male and female, in North Cyprus. The qualitative analysis included thirty in-depth interviews with both male and female entrepreneurs, to find out their specific problems in their difficult economic climate, and their previous experience of entrepreneurship, and some insight into the motivation for this entrepreneurship, for both men and women, and in their relations with each other. The results of the study have revealed that female entrepreneur in North Cyprus have much in common with their Western counterparts, yet they are more restricted in terms of business sector choice. The pull factor is much more important for Turkish Cypriot female entrepreneurs, motivating them into a career of entrepreneurship. They do not have the financial constraints of Western female entrepreneurs, and are heavily supported, both financially and logistically, by their families. The implication of this research is that female entrepreneurship in North Cyprus, while sharing some similarities with Western female entrepreneurship, also has their own unique perspective of entrepreneurship, which has arisen as a consequence of the severely patriarchal society the entrepreneurs belong to. This research will consequently make a significant contribution to the understanding of female entrepreneurship in strongly patriarchal communities where gender segregation is still practised, and other regions where the patriarchal system is socially very strong.

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