Chaos Theory and Applications

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Kapak Resmi
The journal aims to promote original research papers in the area of Chaos Theory and Applications (CHTA) to include practical innovations in Applied Sciences and Engineering. The journal aims to publish in as much detail as possible scientific advances in the field of chaos theory and applications with a focus on the practical and theoretical.The journal publishes regular papers dealing with the following areas, but not limited to:Chaos theory and chaotic systems,Recent developments in chaos-based engineering applications,Chaos in finance and blockchain,Fractional-order chaotic systems,Design of analogue circuits of chaotic systems,Mem-elements-based systems,Chaos-based embedded system applicationsDeterministic and random vibrations,Mathematical modelling and chaos analysis in engineering,Complexity in physical, social and biological systems,  Applications to biomedical, data security, control, Chaos and its dynamics in biological networks,Applications in astrophysics, space, geophysics, theoretical and structural chemistry, biophysics, social systems, power grids, image and time series processing.
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Cilt: 1 Sayı: 1 - 2019
  1. A Logistic Map Runge Kutta-4 Solution for FPGA Using Fixed Point Representation
    Sayfalar 19 - 28
  2. A Multiscroll Chaotic Attractor and its Electronic Circuit Implementation
    Sayfalar 29 - 37
    İhsan PEHLİVAN,Ersin KURT,Qiang LAİ,Aziz BASARAN,Mustafa KUTLU