Fast Information Exchange and Evaluation of Macroseismic Field of Moderate 2017 Albania Earthquakes

Öz The macroseismic questionnaire is addressed to a single non-specialistperson; reported effects are statistically analysed to extrapolate EMS-98intensity referred to that observer. Amacroseismic investigation of the January 27, 2017, Ms=4.6 (Richter)Kucova earthquake, in southern Albania, and of the April 08, 2017, Ms=5.0(Richter) Kurbnesh earthquake, in northern Albania, were carried out through anonline web survey. Data were collected through an internet macroseismicquestionnaire available at the website managed by IGEWE. The procedures arestill in development and require refinement. A statistical analysis was appliedto the data collected in order to investigate the spatial distribution of intensityof these earthquakes. Map of macroseismic intensity for theseearthquakes are compiled and later are continuously updated from others information.The aim of the questionnaire is to evaluate seismiceffects as felt by the compiler. Effectsreported in questionnaires coming from towns are analysed in deep. This paper give a fast way for assessment of intensity, of attentionfunction for intensity of this earthquakes, intensity isoseismal map and will be a proposal and firststep for the basis of an automatic system for assigning EMS-98 intensity valuesto questionnaire data gathered from website managed by IGEWE. 


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