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Journal Of Global Strategic Management

Yıl 2009 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 2

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Is intelectual capital antecedent of enterpreneurship orentation

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Beykent University1, Yeditepe University2
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Knowledge economy, which is characterized by the complex and dynamic competitive environments, knowledge-based resources (human capital, structural capital and market capital) represent the source of competitive advantage for the firms. In order to be able to seize the opportunities, make product and process innovations, be proactive in the market place, entrepreneurial firms have to reconfigure their intangible assets (Jantunen et al., 2005). The objective of this research is to empirically examine intellectual capital as a competitive knowledge resource of firms, initiate entrepreneurial climate that affect the organizational performance as financial and innovative outcomes. Recent conceptual models suggest that entrepreneurial orientation depends on the acquisition, the integration and the exploitation of knowledge (Hayton, 2002). According to this conceptual framework a model is developed to examine the direct and the mediator relation between intellectual capital and entrepreneurial orientation. To investigate the stated relationships data will be collected from Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises. Questionnaires are prepared by the researchers based on the measurement instrument used by Subramaniam &Youndt (2005), Bontis (1998) and Dess & Lumpkin (1996) after the preliminary survey that is done for the reliability and validity analysis of the measurement instrument which is modified for cultural differences and for the purposes of this study, will be distributed via mail and the internet site. Data will then be analyzed by the SPSS statistical program.

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