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İstanbul Üniversitesi Alman Dili ve Edebiyatı

Yıl 2011 , Cilt , Sayı 25

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“ben”in eril halleri ya da max frisch’in son anlatısı blaubart’ta toplumsal cinsiyetin kurgusu

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İstanbul Üniversitesi Alman Dili ve Edebiyatı1
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The essay deals with the last story Blaubart by Max Frisch, which is written in the 1981st. The tale is about the identity problem of a Dr. Felix Schaad: He is pulled into the murder of one of his ex-wives. At the end of his trial, he was acquitted. He doubts his innocence. The process is continued in his inner world. The line between reality and fiction, between real and imagine is unclear. This paper offers a critical look at the categories of identity and image of women in Blaubart.

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