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Yıl 2013 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 2

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The psychometric properties of the writing motivation scale

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Sakarya University1
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Determining Student’s negative attitudes to writing and increasing their writing performances are very important. This could be done by examination of factors that will affect writing motivation and performance. In this context, main purpose of this study is to develop a compatible and acceptable writing motivation scale that has sufficient sensitivity in evaluation of student writing structures. The sample of this study was composed of 395 fourth grade elementary school students. 52.7% percent of those surveyed were females (208), 47.3% percent (187) were males. In the process of scale development, initially writing was surveyed and a pool including 54 items was created. In validity study of the scale, for content validity experts’ ideas were taken and for construct validity exploratory factor analysis was performed. Internal consistency coefficient was calculated for reliability. 5 factor structure consisting of 22 items acquired by exploratory factor analysis was tested by confirmatory factor analysis (EFA). When results were evaluated, a valid and reliable scale was developed consisted of 22 items and 5 factors which were ‘positive attitude towards writing’ ‘possessed purpose’ ‘loading failure to writing’ ‘shared writing’ and ‘writing efforts.’ 5 factors in scale only explain 54.27% percent of variance in total. Internal consistency coefficient in total was .81. These values show that the scale comprehensively explains Students’ writing motivation at 4 grade level of elementary school.

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