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Yıl 2013 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 3

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Reflection of prospective teachers on the nature of teaching practice

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The Islamia University1, University Sains Malaysia2
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Teaching practice is a crucial phase in development of the prospective teachers’ professional skills. It can be described as a situation in which a prospective teacher teaches a group of students in a training session under supervision. It plays a remarkable role in cultivating hidden potentialities of the prospective teachers. The aim is usually to improve the prospective teacherss’ pedagogical and professional skills by developing awareness of how students learn. In teaching practice session the prospective teachers are provided a number of opportunities to learn something through teaching practice. The school teacher helps the prospective teachers in the classroom and the supervisor evaluates the performance of prospective teachers. This study was conducted in order to analyze prospective teachers’ views on various components of teaching practice. The research focused on prospective teachers’ reflections on their experiences. A small sample consisting of 330 prospective teachers (who had gone through the session on teaching practice) of M.A. Education and B.Ed programs of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan including both the sub-campuses of Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Khan were taken. A questionnaire having different scales according to the nature of the question was administered to the subjects. Data was analyzed by using SPSS 18. The study concluded that prospective teachers appreciated the role of their supervisors in facilitating them through evaluation of teaching practice. The present study also asserted that different aspects of the prospective teachers like their self-confidence, command over the subject matter, their instructional styles and classroom control should be focused accordingly

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