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Yıl 2013 , Cilt 5 , Sayı 2

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Investigation of primary school teachers’ attitudes towards gifted education

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Bülent Ecevit University1 Bülent Ecevit University2
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Gifted education is very important issue for the development of societies. This importance has been increased with opening of the Center for Science and Art in Turkey. These institutions provide with formal educational institutions coordination for development of gifted students. In this respect, primary school teachers’ attitude towards gifted education is very important. In this study was survey model and sample of study was determined nine schools in Isparta city at 2011-2012 academic years using with cluster sampling method. Totally 323 primary school teachers which different branches have been reached. Obtained data with Opinions of Gifted and Their Education (OGTE) was evaluated by the SPSS program. According to the findings, it was understood that the average score of primary school teachers’ attitudes toward gifted education was a little above medium level (X =3.38) and did not differ between gender, age, branch. However, one of the sub dimensions of the scale; “social value” dimension was differed between gender and age. Psychological Counseling and Guidance teachers have the highest average score of attitude towards gifted education (X =3.55), and Physical Education teachers (X =3.27) and Science and Technology teachers (X =3.31) have the lowest average score of attitude towards gifted education respectively.

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