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Yıl 2010 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 2

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“good fences make good classes: greek tertiary students’ preferences for instructor teaching method”

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National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Department of Economics and University of Peloponnesus1, Hellenic Open University2
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The learning preferences of Greek students attending a two-semester undergraduate economics course at a Greek university were investigated. The course was taught by two instructors who initially used a student-centred teaching style combined with relaxed classroom management and teaching methods intended to help establish rapport with students. Near the end of the first semester, students were asked to assess their instructors' performance. Most students evaluated their instructors positively in regard to preparation, enthusiasm, and organization; however, most also rated the instructors negatively in regard to their ability to maintain control and discipline in the classroom, and the degree of respect the students had for them. Students' comments suggested disapproval of the teachers' relaxed teaching methods. Based on these results, the instructors decided to alter their teaching methods during the second semester to take into account the students' criticisms. In the second evaluation, students rated the instructors mostly positively in regard to strictness, discipline, and respect. These results suggest that Greek students expect their instructors to maintain a considerable degree of psychological distance, and that when they do not, the students perceive the instructors as lacking control in the classroom. The results further suggest that national culture plays an important role in shaping learning preferences, and unintended results can occur when instructors employ teaching methods which violate the cultural expectations of students. It is suggested that in Greek higher education, a gradual progression to a more student-centred teaching method be promulgated.

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