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International Journal of Social Inquiry

Yıl 2010 , Cilt 3 , Sayı 1

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Small is beautiful: can formation of social capital able facilitate rural and urban development policies in terms of sustainable corporate and community social responsibility initiatives?

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Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management1
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This paper makes an attempt to explore future roadmaps of research in the happening areas of community development strategies facilitated by the formation of an enabling environment of social capital and underpinned by both corporate citizenship and social entrepreneurial endeavors on the part of third sector i.e. civil societal actors. How can the body civil emerge from our public sphere in order to critically negotiate with the state (body politic) and the market (body economic) is a principal concern of this paper. Our central argument hinges upon the assumption that greater cooperation and informed consent can only work towards a larger consensus of interests that is again a macrocosm of individual worldviews and organically motivated profiteering ventures. From the beautiful small to the even more fascinating larger social entity of the collective social arrangement is an ongoing journey that can be further catalyzed by an optimum mix of the self and the other.

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