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International Journal of Social Inquiry

Yıl 2008 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 2

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Globalization and the efficacy of national culture: a methodological framework for analyzing the neoliberal state

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Indiana University – Purdue University1
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This essay presents a methodological framework designed to examine the increased utility of national culture as a state legitimation strategy in response to economic protectionist capacity changes resulting from global political economic integration. Based on a reconceptualization of Karl Polanyi’s double movement, the framework enables future empirical research on neoliberal state institutions, while retaining sensitivity to the influence of both global political economic structures and national populations. The methodological strategy is presented in historical comparative context that highlights the integration of national cultural definitions into state institutional agendas as an alternative means to meet national protectionist demands and maintain legitimate authority. The essay concludes with two empirical examples designed to briefly illustrate the potential of the framework and offer suggestions for future application.

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