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International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education (INT-JECSE)

Yıl 2010 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 2

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Early childhood intervention in lithuania: organisation and challenges

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Šiauliai University1
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In the article the system of early childhood intervention (ECI) in Lithuania has been presented: the structure, organisation, functioning, the legal background of ECI, and the requirements for professional training in ECI field have been described, "Life-line" of a very young child at risk or a child with developmental disorders has been shown. The opinions of parents and ECI professionals about various aspects of collaboration: parents‟ satisfaction with ECI, collaboration between parents and professionals, organisational priorities of ECI activity, the nature of child‟s recognition, professional improvement, have been analysed and parents participation in ECI has been described. The scientific publications on ECI in the country have been analysed. The survey of on ECI in Lithuania stressing on positive aspects as well as on the challenging issues has been performed.

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