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International Journal of Business and Management Studies

Yıl 2010 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 2

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The understanding of workplace counselling: a study on university sample

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Yeditepe University1
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Uncertainty becomes a major problem for employees in today's unstable economy. Stress creates a negative psychological impact on employees at workplace, and it is one of the main reasons of declining performance of employees. No matter what causes the stress at workplace, managers of an organization should be aware of the need for a support program for their employees (Hindle, 1998:61). The purpose of this study is to form a base for further quantitative studies by discovering the perspectives of employees of a university towards the workplace counselling programs. In this study, focus group technique is used as one of the qualitative research methods. Sample of the study consist of 16 participants from one of the universities of Istanbul. The objective of the study is explained in detail to the participants to make them aware of the mentioned subject. Different types of Employee Assistance Programs are discussed, and it is argued that universities might benefit from introducing such programs.

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