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Yıl 2010 , Cilt 11 , Sayı 2

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High schools principals’ administrator behaviour forms

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Eskişehir Directorate of National Education1
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This research was conducted in order to find out the administrative behaviour styles of twenty state and five private high school principals in Eskişehir city center in 2006-2007 educational year. In this research, literature related to the educational administration field was scanned thoroughly and with the assistance of some experts in the field, interview questions were selected. Interviews were sound recorded and written notes were taken simultaneously. Themes and subthemes were extracted from the transcribed interviews in cooperation with the experts in the field of education and in qualitative research. Descriptive analysis was used in presentation of findings and interpretations. As conclusion the principals have been found to be practising "participative, sharing, caring people, consulting, innovative, democratic, reconciliatory, informative, rewarding, role-modelling, paternalistic, law implementing, authoritarian, novice, laissez faire, intolerant, self interest focused" administrative behaviour styles. Additionally differences in the operational ways of private and state high schools led to different responses to some questions by state and private high school principals.

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