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Yıl 2010 , Cilt 11 , Sayı 2

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Babysitters in early childhood: a research on parents’ experiences and perspectives on babysitters

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Dumlupınar University Faculty of Education1
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Babysitters are lifesavers for the mothers who work full time and do not have many childcare options. In Turkey, it is common in extended families for grandmothers or unmarried relatives, especially aunts, to take care of children. However, not all mothers have this option today. Babysitters or nannies are one form of external childcare that mothers turn to. As babysitting is a very newly developing field, it is essential to explore and examine the experiences mothers have had with their babysitters and make recommendations based on the research conducted in more experienced countries on this topic. In this study, mothers' experiences and thoughts are examined. The study involved 17 mothers living in central Kutahya, Turkey. To choose the participants, the study utilized the convenient sampling method. Findings of the study showed a need for professional development courses for babysitters, as well as training for parents on how to provide quality education for their children.

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