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IIB Uluslararası Hakemli Akademik Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi

Yıl 2012 , Cilt , Sayı 4

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The entwining cultural elements: religious motifs in secular-themed turkish folk songs

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In this study in which the religious motifs in secular thematic Turkish folk songs are examined with the perspective of sociology of art by taking into account the entwined cultural elements, religious motifs in Turkish folk songs are divided into certain categories. Thus the related parts of the sample folk songs which can be in each category are analysed. Religious hymns and other sort of religious folk songs as the subject are excluded from the study.In this study the folk songs about Non Muslims and their places of worship are mentioned as well as religious concepts such as God, belief, faith, prayer, fasting; and religious places such as mosques, minarets and Kaaba; concepts of the imam and the muezzin representing the men of religion. Ten categories are created by being taken into account these religious concepts used in those songs. During the study, being understood of so many religious motifs and phenomenon used in the secular-themed folk songs reveals the fact that there is a need for more comprehensive studies related to the subject. Especially Turkish folk songs that are subject to our work are thought to be rich about many aspects of social life in point of sociological data because they find voice in a simple Turkish language and represent directly the feelings and life style of the people. The analysis of the folk songs requires very deep sociological analysis even in terms of keeping track of the social change and transformation, and also social perceptions.

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