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Yıl 2013 , Cilt , Sayı 11

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The mediation effect of work / life conflict in the relationship of work load and performance feedback with general life satisfaction

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Okan University, Institute of Social Sciences1, Okan University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences2
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The way in which the tools of retaining employees as a human resource function change bring to mind the question of what the other variables related to positive attitudinal desired changes in the organization are. General life satisfaction as one of the variables gains more importance in organizational framework. The aim of this research is to investigate the mediation effect of work/life conflict and hife/work life conflict on the relationship work overload-general life satisfaction and performance feedback-general life satisfaction. 227 participants are selected considering occupational status and educational level via stratified sampling technique in a private hospital. Work Overload Scale developed by Peterson (1995), Job Diagnostic Survey developed by Oldham-Hackman (1980) to evaluate performance feedback, Work/Life Conflict Scale developed by Netemeyer (1996) and General life satisfaction scale developed by Diener vd. (1985) are utilized in this study. The mediation effects of work/life conflict on the relationship work overload-life satisfaction and on the relationship performance feedback from job itself-life satisfaction are demonstrated by utilizing multiple regression analysis and structural equation modeling (Lisrel).

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