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Yıl 2013 , Cilt , Sayı 10

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An analysis of armenian issue at the context of historical depth and puplic diplomacy

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Marmara University, Communication Fakulty Department of Public Relations1
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In this article, an analysis was made on the Armenian issue from a multidisciplinary perspective, at the context of historical depth and public diplomacy. In this study; descriptive method, historical comparison and discourse analysis are used on the basis on relevant sources and documents. Some of the decisions of the European Parliament as a case study are examined on the historical and scientific facts that were reached inductively. That is to say; the Armenian issue which reached a damaging stage in terms of Turkey’s foreign policy and its relations with other countries, now is much far from being a historical problem and now is politicized especially by performing public diplomacy and lobbying of Armenians and European parliaments. Genocide claims nowadays taken up by the parliaments of several countries to their agenda, and becoming enacted in states such as Greece and France, have been carried in the leadership of the European Parliament to the European Union platforms and have been connected to Turkey’s accession process. Evaluating the Armenian issue in the light of the facts and documents, it can be seen that it has no historical, scientific and legal basis for Armenian genocide claims. With propaganda and public diplomacy activities at international communication and relations, this situation brings into mind that a new version of a pressure diplomacy which was put into the sheath of a variety of colors and prints from 1878 to 1914 is exhibited. In recent years, Turkey is intensively accused of Armenian genocide, and especially in April of each year, the number of these attacks increases and becomes almost offensive. It can clearly be seen who all of these policies, encourage the Armenians not to recognize the existing borders and to make demand for new land as a repetition of history. It is necessary to evaluate the so-called Armenian genocide allegations of which propaganda is made and which are announced to the world with assassinations and terrorism and then are enacted at parliaments, as a communication strategy within the frame of the 4T plan. The Armenian issue, which is re-heated with allegations of genocide, now is beyond being a historical dimension and are put to the forefront in terms of international relations, and again has become a damaging factor for relations with some countries and an obstacle in front of Turkey’s foreign policy especially after the Cold War. In this context, under the cause-effect relationship and to make a historical comparison; evaluating the Armenian question in the historical process, it can be seen that this emerged as an extension of policies that were implemented in the XIX century by big states in order to break up the Ottoman Empire. During the struggle for dominance that started on the territory of the Ottoman in the XIX century and lasted until the first half of the XX century, the big states of Europe, the United States and Russia did not only create allies from different ethnic and religious groups from the Balkans, the Middle East and Anatolia within the empire but also provoked these groups against one another.Thus laid the foundations of policies and strategies to cover the XIX century and onwards period. Without know these basics, the events which will take place today and tomorrow cannot be analyzed accurately. Therefore, it is proved that Armenian genocide allegations considered in the light of the tragic facts and documents, there is no legal, historical and scientific basis. It is examined that no substantial change has been observed in the Armenian policy of Europe in the XIX century and the Armenian policy of today’s Europe towards Turkey.

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