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European Journal of Research on Education

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 2

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Evaluation of temperament, character, and sociotropic and autonomic personality traits of nurse students

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Ankara University, Health Sciences Faculty,1
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The study was carried out to understand temperament, character, and sociotropic and autonomic personality traits of nursing students and the factors influencing them, to be able to interpret their personality structures, and contribute to their social communications and therefore their professional successes. A cross-sectional study carried out in June 2010 via a self-completed, forced choice, and open-ended structured questionnaires in Ankara, Turkey. The research population comprised of all students of the department. The study involved 222 female, 5 male nursing students (mean age, 20.78±1.71 years). The data were collected from the nursing students using three anonymous self-completed questionnaires; Personal Information Form, Temperament and Character Inventory, and Sociotropy-Autonomy Scale. Freshman students had higher Concern of Disapproval than those in other classes (p=0.009). Juniors had the highest Concern about Separation and total Sociotropy (x=71.00±14.11, p=0.0001). Disorderliness in seniors (p<0.05), fear of uncertainty in juniors (p<0.05), sentimentality in seniors and freshmen (p<0.05), dependence (p<0.05) and pure-heartedness in freshmen (p<0.01), Cooperativeness in sophomores were higher than other classes (p<0.01). Nonsmoker students had higher Sociotropy scores than smokers (p<0.05). Harm Avoidance was related to both sociotropic and autonomic personalities, Novelty Seeking to Pleasing Others, and impulsiveness to Individual Achievement. Sentimentality was only related to Sociotropy. When negative personality traits of the students are determined, measures can be taken for them to express themselves successfully and make post-graduate career plans in the future by speeding up their education activities which would help them change those characteristics at every level.

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