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European Journal of Research on Education

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 2

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Emotional disorders

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Kocaeli University, Faculty of Education1
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In this study, individuals with a psychological or emotional disability is defined in addition to people who experience problems when building, developing and maintaining balanced and effective relations with themselves and their environments, and who consequently have problems in their developments. Their treatment and education are also discussed. Psychological disability may be caused by biological, psychological, social-economic, physical, bodily, genetic and educational factors. It is necessary to take certain measures in childhood before psychological and emotional problems advance. The individuals' ability to live a healthy and effective life is closely related to their psychological health. Psychological and emotional disabilities lead to unhappiness and despair for the individual, and to maladjustment and decreased productivity for the society. A person who is described as disabled is someone who experiences difficulties in adapting to social life and in meeting his/her daily needs because of losing physical, mental, psychological, sensory and social abilities at various degrees, and who requires protection, care, rehabilitation, consultancy and support services. Accordingly, disabilities have been categorized as orthopedic, visual, auditory, language and speech, mental, psychological and emotional disabilities and chronic diseases. Various sources have been examined in relation to the psychological-social situations of individuals with psychological and emotional disabilities and certain suggestions have been made with regards to making treatment, education and guidance services available to them.

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