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European Journal of Research on Education

Yıl 2013 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 2

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An evaluation of academic achievement of primary school, secondary school, and secondary education students with fragmented families on the basis of different variables

Yazar kurumları :
Sakarya University, Faculty of Education1, Sakarya University, Institute of Educational Sciences2
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The goal of this study; is to research success of primary school, middle school and college children who have broken families as academic, by different interchange. To have learned, analyzed interchanges which effect and to have given teachers and families of them information about this topic is so much important for our children's future. So 636 students who study in KOCAELİ/KÖRFEZ at various schools (primary school, middle school and college) is included to this research's scope. The students who have researched is choosen via random sampling. . In this study, to find academic success level, prepared "Students Who Have Broken Family with Different Interchanges Recognition Survey" is used by researcher. Data collection tool; is created by sex, old, which class is studying, mum and dad situations (dead or living), last term point average, mum and dad education level, mum and dad jobs (employed or unemployed), family monthly earnings, relationship situation between parents, who student stays with together, smoker or not, is student drinking alcohol. In this researching, when convenient data analysis technical has chosen, to find academically points of them is significantly changed whether or not, it is researched with t test, firstly hypothesis motion, by sex, mum and dad situations (dead or living), relationship situation between parents, family monthly earnings, smoker or not, is student drinking alcohol, mother's and father's jobs (employed or unemployed) of the students have broken families. To find, academically points of students; are changed whether or not, it is researched with ANOVA depending on students age groups, mother and father education level, father job situation, who student stay with, student education level interchange significantly. As result making variance analysis, F values calculated and to determine resources of inter-groups differences, is made "LSD Multi Comparison Test".

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