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Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi İ.İ.B.F. Dergisi

Yıl 2006 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 1

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Agriculture in north cyprus

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Doğu Akdeniz Üniversitesi, Bankacılık ve Finans Bölümü1
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Historical experience showed that developed countries, especially Western countries, directed their economic development transiting from agriculture to industrialization and service society. The validity of comparative advantage for developing countries weakens as time passess as they follow developed countries. But the model of Lewis (1954) is a theory of development emphasising on rapid industrial growth with an agricultural sector fueling this industrial expansion by means of its cheap food and surplus labor. Today development economists are less sanguine about the desirability of playing such heavy emphasis on rapid industrialization (Todaro, 1997). They argued that the role of the agricultural sector and the rural economy must be dynamic and leading elements rather than playing a passive and supporting role in economic development process, at least for the vast majority of Third World Countries. However, traditionally, it has been viewed as passive supportive. Gunnar Myrdal, Nobel Laureate in Economics, argued that it is in the agricultural sector that the battle for long-term economic growth will be won or lost.

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