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Yıl 2009 , Cilt 8 , Sayı 27

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Spor federasyonlarının özerkleşmeleri ve hukuksal boyutunda spor hukuku gereksinimleri

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Gazi Üniversitesi Beden Eğitimi Ve Spor Yüksekokulu Spor Yöneticiliği Bölümü1
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The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) held broadcasting monopolity for a long time. When reaching the year 1990’s, the numbers of private radio and television channels increased rapidly. After constitutional amendment at 1993, TRT public broadcasting monopolity ended and permision was given for private channels broadcasting. Some changes in law were carried out in parallel to this development. TRT has been under power of political authority for a long time and this authorities used TRT for making their propaganda. In this case, TRT has been faced to too many complaints and critiques. TRT is an important public broadcasting body. The aim of this study was to investigate legal advancement in related to TRT autonomy since 1961 Turkish constitution.

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In addition to existing boards of discipline and penalty in Autonomous sport federations arbitration board must have be built up as in Football Federation and federations have to be took out of their “semi-autonomous” appearance. Government must not be in the position to manage sport but to support and inspect. It must be told that sport is not a luxury but a necessity for public. Financial resources transferred to sport have to be increased. It’s necessary to train sufficient sport lawyers who could defend Turkey’s rights international area. Sport Law is a new and developing discipline in Turkey. Sport law is a need and necessity for the solution of conflicts that arises in sport branches.

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