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Ejovoc (Electronic Journal of Vocational Colleges)

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 1

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Turkey and bulgaria transport

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Trakya University Edirne Vocational School of Social Sciences Logistic program 1, Todor Kableshkov University2
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The development of transport vehicles and technologies, has been one of the factors that affect deeply the lives of humanity through the ages. The wheel discovered, the discovery of the motor, the invention of the airplane motor, the discovery of the container discovering our world even the universe competence of humanity are the main tools . Transport on the one hand the provision of human needs and desires of the most important means of creating, on the other hand has been replaced in the costs of meeting these needs. Total costs of delivering today due to hold an important place in the transportation costs have increased the importance of competition. Both raw materials and semi-finished materials and finished goods transportation advantage in international trade that countries become more successful, this growth in revenue and a positive impact on the country, the welfare of the people is increasing at the same rate. In this study transport system between Turkey and Bulgaria and what should be done to develop the system are researsched.

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