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Ejovoc (Electronic Journal of Vocational Colleges)

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 1

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The important of the tv on the religious understanding of turkish people

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University of Sakarya Faculty of Theology1
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The aim of the topic is to deal with television programs as an informative medium which gives information and opinions about society and its impact that are supposed to have on the cultural position of individuals and groups. Further, it presents major role of television on life style of adult people and their religious understanding. One of the functions of television is education of the audiences. It will be shows on the change according to life style, administration and educational policy. Nevertheless television has a great importance on educating of the people. Many of them take shape their religious understanding by watching television. We will also deal with the position of media in modern Turkey especially about adult education, we will look into television programs from a socio-cultural and educational perspective, exemplifying this by two Turkish television programs called 'Ekmek Teknesi' (Means of Livelihood) and 'Sır Kapısı' (Door to Secret). In this article we aim to examine both positive and negative effects of these soap operas in context of religious education and theological perspective.

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