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Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi Dergisi

Yıl 2003 , Cilt 18 , Sayı 1

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Becoming an effective public manager in the global world: district governors in turkey

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Pamukkale University1, University of Pittsburg2
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The paradigm shift from the traditional model of public administration to new public management since the mid-1980s in the western countries, coupled with the opportunities and challenges of the globalisation for the governments, puts public servants at the crossroads requiring them to adapt to new principles of public sector management. Public servants particularly in high-profile public offices now need to adjust themselves to a new style of public manager' characteristic. This study seek to examine the extent to which characteristics of public managers in the new form of public management exist in the case of selected district governors and to explore how general source of constraints within the Turkish public administrative system are perceived by district governors as significant obstacles to be effective and efficient public managers. The findings of the research shows that district governors in general are considerably good at managing internal components and external constituencies of the organization for which they are responsible. However, they need to develop their personal capital in certain aspects. Respondent district governors complaint that certain source of constraints in Turkish administrative system exist as significant obstacles to be effective and efficient public managers.

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