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Contemporary Educational Technology

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 2

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The role of personalized integrated educational systems in the information-age paradigm of education

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Indiana University1
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Aslan and Reigeluth (2011) described a possible future period of educational computing as a "Personalized Computing Period" (p. 12). They described a potential educational technology system, PIES (Personalized Integrated Educational System), to support student learning in this period of educational computing, based on the major and secondary functions proposed by Reigeluth, Watson, Watson, Dutta, Chen, and Powell (2008) for the information-age paradigm of education. Major functions include record keeping for, planning for, instruction for, and assessment for/of student learning. Secondary functions include communication, general student data, school personnel information, and technology administration. In this qualitative research study, seven classroom teachers and one technology coordinator from three high schools were interviewed to reveal how they used their current technology systems with respect to the functions described by Reigeluth et al. (2008). The results revealed that there were discrepancies between the participants' current use of the systems and the ideal use for the information-age paradigm of education. Based on the results, recommendations are offered to teachers, policy makers and technology system designers for better meeting students' information-age educational needs.

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