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Contemporary Educational Technology

Yıl 2011 , Cilt 2 , Sayı 1

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Management role of al-quds open university in leading effective distance learning programs: an evaluation of qou experience in blended learning

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Al-Quds Open University1
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Al Quds Open University has actually employed blended learning since 2007; it is becoming the basis for much of today's academic teaching. Therefore, this paper aimed at figuring out the extent that QOU managed distance learning programs effectively. The study reported here focused on the following factors: Vision and plans, quality assurance, curriculum, staff-training/support, and student-training/support. Data were collected through a questionnaire administered online to the QOU instructors who were involved in blended learning teaching experience. Researchers claimed that QOU administration has applied the above mentioned factors effectively and efficiently in planning distance learning courses. It was obvious that QOU, focusing mainly high quality, has paid high attention to blended learning courses and invested in its training staff in order to achieve excellence in teaching and learning. However, the participants believed that the courses concerning the development of instructor skills and competencies were not sufficient enough and there was a clear need to revise the quality and quantity of such courses.

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