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Yıl 2007 , Cilt , Sayı 13

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Mess grevleri (1977-1980)

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Birleşik Metal-İş Sendikası Toplu Sözleşme Uzmanı-Kristal-İş Sendikası Toplu Sözleşme Müdürü1
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The strikes of MESS, 1977–1980 are the most effective, broad-based and sustained labour actions in the recent history of Turkey. Organized and carried out during a period of economic disintegration and political instability, these strikes had a political mission from the outset, influencing heavily the agenda for the country and providing an important platform for discussion in the rise and fall of the socialist movement. They are extremely important and instructive not only in connection with the relation between politics and the union movement, but also for the new ideas about unions and union activity they gave rise to at the time. Moreover, they have also provided the union movement with invaluable experience in improving the tecnique of collective bargaining and enhancing the strategy of strikes. The objective of this paper is to take stock of this important experience, albeit in its most essential and basic features. 

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