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Yıl 2008 , Cilt , Sayı 18

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50’leri işçi sınıfı oluşumunun kritik bir uğrağı olarak yeniden okumak

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A wider and deeper interest could be shown in the 1950s labour history literature. There is no doubt that policy and promises of the two big parties of the period to the working class, the disputes on these issues berween these two parties and relations of these parties with trade unios, strikes and collective actions are the subjects of researches were made on the fields. On the other hand eventhough the number is few, some dissertations that analyse the relations between Democratic Party and workers were found out. But the works on this research field – this is also subject of other fields of our labour history- were not produced in complience with a notion of holistic class formation. However, it is obvious that 1950's have a pivotal importance regarding the class formation in Turkey and institutionaly analysis of this formation in the light of historical sociology approach. This article focuses on questioning the old acceptances that are dominant in the literature of labur history and also in the left movements. The article will also allow new discussions of creating a wider knowledge sphere on this subject and refunctioning and rearranging of the existing works from a different perspective.

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