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İşletme ve Ekonomi Araştırmaları Dergisi (BERJOURNAL)

Yıl 2010 , Cilt 1 , Sayı 4

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Time-series properties of earnings and their relationship with stock prices in brazil

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The aim of this paper is to analyze the firm-specific time-series properties of quarterly accounting earnings from 1995 to 2009. Based on the earning time-series process it is possible to develop robust forecasting models and to test the ability to approximate real capital market behaviour using accounting data. By analysing 71 listed Brazilian companies, we found evidence that the time series of quarterly accounting earnings in Brazil follow an autoregressive model (AR) and can be estimated (modelled) by using a seasonal component. Additionally, we found a significant relationship between earnings and stock prices, although the direction of the causality is not generally defined, which suggests that the earnings-return relationship must be analyzed at the firm-specific level.

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