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bilig, Türk Dünyası Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi

Yıl 2004 , Cilt , Sayı 29

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The political promotion in the politic arena “a historical analysis on turkey from 1950’s till 2000’s”

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Ege University1
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Today is nothing similar to yesterday, at our time.In this respect, when we examine especially advertising sector, we see that there are some forces shaping our world and these forces are very different from the forces in the past. We also witness rapid changes occuring in a day within minutes. In this respect, the condition of advertising sector in Turkey is similar to that in other countries. When we examine political advertising campaigns held in Turkey and the researches made about them, we see that the necessary archiving has not been done and this subject has not been dealt with according the political science so far. We encounter with “Advertising” that has an increasingly popularity when we analyse some concepts on political promotion amd marketing recently. As a consequence, the changes in the world conjuncture and differing position of political promotion shaped this work and brought it to the agenda. According to the mentioned determiners, of a different research subject from the previous ones is diffened due to different approach on communicvation science and corresponding promotion discipline. Beside, the concept of this work is determined according to; political promotion, perception abd practices in Turkey, promotion from the perspectives of Turkish politicians, the political panaroma of Tırkey and the analysis of historical development of political promotion. Regarding the table resulting from the general evaluation, the limits of research are completed with the evaluation of the political promotion campaigns done in pre-elections in Turkey between 1950- 2002, the changes and effescts of slogan, target mass and vote preferences and the evaluation of their effects in quality and quantity.

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