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Yıl 2014 , Cilt , Sayı 68

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Pro-forms: are pronouns alone in the function of representation?

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Pamukkale University1
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Traditionally, in language the characteristic of ‘standing for’ something is attributed to pronouns only. This linguistic approach confines the status of substitution to the nounpronoun dichotomy. However, when examined closely, in language substitution, representation, reference etc. have more common applications than conventionally believed, and other than the noun-pronoun dichotomy, there are a number of other language units that can substitute each other. Along with common nouns, some verbs, adjectives and on some occasions even sayings, proverbs, stories, anecdotes, fables etc. can be used with the function of representation. These types of expressions that stand for other language units are called pro-forms. Though pronouns are the largest ones, they make just one sub-division among a larger group of pro-forms. Even though they are not grammatically marked as pronouns, they all show pronoun-like characteristics. Accordingly, this study aims to show that pronouns are not unaccompanied in thefunction of representation. This study is mainly based on the semiotic theory and to a certain extent the prototype theory.

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