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Yıl 2005 , Cilt , Sayı 35

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Locke on liberty and necessity

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Bowling Green State University1
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For John Locke, free will is nonsensical. He contends that mere voluntariness is insufficient for freedom of action. In addition, he points out, all actions, covering “free” actions are causally determined. On the ground of these characteristics of Locke’s account of free will and action, some philosophers conclude that Locke is a compatibilist. Nonetheless, there are good reasons to think that Locke is a libertarian rather than a compatibilist in the Humean sense. Locke denies that a person is born with a predetermined destiny. Moreover, he holds that there is indifferency even after an agent decides to do something. And although he rejects the notion of freedom of will, he thoroughly espouses the notion of freedom of man.

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