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Yıl 2011 , Cilt 6 , Sayı 1

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Emotional intelligence: an empirical test among malaysians

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University of Malaysia1
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The significance of emotional intelligence (EQ) has been well mentioned and research in the organizational behavior literature. EQ has often been linked to effective leadership. Leaders possessing high degrees of emotional convictions are presumed to demonstrate high levels of self-confidence and the necessary skills to effectively manage interpersonal relationships. These and other qualities which constitute a leader's EQ would be very important if one were to gain respect and trust among followers or subordinates. Essentially, they are essential prerequisites in ensuring successful efforts to enhance individuals' motivation. A survey was conducted to assess the levels of EQ among Malaysians. The instrument used was the established Weisinger (1998) Emotional Intelligence Inventory. The survey managed to obtain responses from a sample of 354 individuals. Based on the data analyzed, average Malaysians were found to demonstrate a fairly high ability in the areas of providing advice and support to others, making others feel good, and knowing what senses he/she is currently practicing. However, Malaysians on average seemed to have low ability in staying calm when targeted by anger of others, associating physical cues with motion, and producing high energy when doing uninteresting work. On another note, although they could be said to be better able at social skills and self awareness, they are apparently less able in terms of self management and self motivation. These findings have implications for theory as well as managerial practice. Suggestions for future research are further discussed.

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